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Drinking and Driving Lawyers in the GTA

Facing a drinking and driving charge is a difficult situation few people wish to find themselves in. The Criminal Code of Canada makes it illegal to operate a vehicle if blood alcohol level is greater than .08%.  Drinking and driving charges are not confined to motor vehicles exclusively. A person with a criminally high blood alcohol concentration who is operating a boat or airplane can also be charged. In some cases, a driving-under-the-influence charge is not justified. If you believe you are a victim of unfair ticketing or you have made the mistake of drinking and driving in the GTA, keep reading to find out how to protect yourself with a lawyer.

Driving Under the Influence: The Facts

Residents of Ontario could face a one-year license suspension if found guilty of drunk driving. Most people assume they have to tell the police officer how much they have drank when asked and perform a sobriety test like walking in a straight line on command. This is not true. By doing so, the person in question could incriminate himself or herself. If asked to perform a Breathalyzer test, one must comply by law, but the person has the right to contact a lawyer before giving the sample.

Legal Advice

Hiring a lawyer can seem rather daunting and expensive for the average Canadian. A reputable and experienced ticket-negotiating company can help ease the process of finding legal representation. The best organization in the GTA will facilitate a fair and cost-effective price while keeping in mind flexible payment options. The benefit surely outweighs the cost in terms of hiring a lawyer to help with an impaired driving charge.

Risks of Inaction

If simple compliance is given weight over the process of fighting a drunk driving ticket, major ramifications could occur. An impaired driving conviction can cause a number of devastating results, including (but not limited to):
  1. Employment loss. With a license suspension, getting to and from work could become impossible. Jeopardizing current employment is not worth the time it takes to seek legal advice.
  2. Insurance rate hikes. Insurance companies in Canada deem people who have faced drinking and driving charges as "high risk”, thus increasing the amount of premium said individual pays per month.
  3. Costly installations. All drivers in Ontario who have been found guilty of driving under the influence are required to install a breathalyzer in their car. The car will only start if the person clears the required test. The convicted individual must also attend a rehabilitation program at a cost of almost $500 CAD prior to having their license reinstated.
With this in mind, it is wise to consider the employment of a professional lawyer in order to negotiate a fair dealing with the local police.

Contact a Reputable Professional

The most important thing to remember when facing a drinking-and-driving charge is that you are not alone. An experienced lawyer can help you fight for the justice you deserve. Contact the GTA’s best ticket fighting company for help in a difficult situation today.
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